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Mulberri And Acronis Collaborate To Offer Cyber Insurance For US Small Businesses

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, the threat of cyberattacks looms large for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find themselves particularly vulnerable, lacking the resources and expertise to adequately protect against and recover from cyber incidents. Recognizing this challenge, Mulberri and Acronis have joined forces to provide a comprehensive solution aimed at safeguarding SMBs across the United States.

About Mulberri-

Mulberri, a leading provider of insurance solutions tailored to the needs of SMBs, brings its expertise in risk management and insurance services to the table. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by small businesses, Mulberri is well-positioned to assess cyber risks and offer tailored insurance coverage to mitigate potential damages. On the other hand, Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, offers innovative solutions to secure data, applications, and systems against cyber threats. With its cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in the cybersecurity domain, Acronis provides the backbone for Mulberri’s cyber insurance offering, ensuring that SMBs have access to robust protection against a wide range of cyber threats. Mulberri is led by Hamesh Chawla, a seasoned insurance executive with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of SMBs. With his strategic vision and deep industry expertise, he guides Mulberri in its mission to provide accessible and comprehensive insurance coverage to SMBs across the nation.

About Acronis- 

Acronis is spearheaded by Paul Maritz, a prominent figure in the cybersecurity industry renowned for Maritz’s pioneering work in cyber protection. Under his leadership, Acronis has emerged as a global leader in data security and cyber resilience, empowering businesses to safeguard their critical assets against cyber threats. 

Aim behind this Collaboration-

The collaboration between Mulberri and Acronis represents a strategic alliance aimed at bridging the gap between insurance and cybersecurity, offering SMBs a holistic approach to managing cyber risks. By embedding cyber insurance directly into Acronis’ cyber protection solutions, businesses can seamlessly integrate insurance coverage into their cybersecurity strategy, simplifying the process of risk management and recovery.

This integrated approach not only enhances the security posture of SMBs but also streamlines the insurance procurement process, eliminating the need for separate arrangements with multiple vendors. By consolidating insurance and cybersecurity services under one roof, Mulberri and Acronis provide SMBs with a cost-effective and efficient solution to safeguard their digital assets and mitigate financial losses in the event of a cyber incident.

Expected outcome from this collaboration-

The following partnership between Mulberri and Acronis represents a significant step forward in the fight against cyber threats facing SMBs. By combining insurance and cybersecurity expertise, the two companies offer a compelling solution that empowers SMBs to protect their digital assets and safeguard their business continuity. With visionary leadership at the helm, Mulberri and Acronis are poised to reshape the cybersecurity landscape for SMBs, providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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