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Mulberri’s AI-Driven Insurance Tech Attracts $6.75M In Series A Funding

Things to know about the firm- 

Mulberri, an innovative AI-driven embedded business insurance platform that has recently successfully closed its Series A funding round. The company was founded two years ago in 2021 and has already carved a niche for itself by offering custom-fit insurance solutions designed for small and medium enterprises. The platform’s strength lies within its deep integrations along with the HR, benefits, payroll sectors, and other affinity channels for SMEs. 

The recent investment round of the firm has led to a profit of $6.75 million, which was actively led by Eos Venture Partners. Contribution was also seen from firms like Hanover Technology Management, MS&AD Ventures, and Altamont Capital Partners. This funding and upliftment of capital sets a pivotal moment for Mulberri, reflecting the strong confidence investors have in its business model and future prospects. 

By strengthening these partnerships, Mulberri can provide a wide range of insurance solutions in field of brokerage services, risk transfer capabilities, certificate of insurance provision, and sophisticated risk engines. The company’s ecosystem and strategic partnerships grant it access to over 250 PEOs/Payroll Providers/Brokers, covering an impressive base of around 100,000 small and medium enterprises respectively. 

The primary objective of this new funding is to diversify the company’s mission of assisting small enterprises in making informed, data-driven risk management decisions. Introduced by Hamesh Chawla, Co-Founder and CEO of Mulberri, who emphasizes the importance of simplicity, efficiency, and transparency in fulfilling the insurance needs of SMEs. The company’s partnerships in the HR and Payroll sectors are crucial in this regard, connecting Mulberri with SMEs at vital points in their business lifecycle and ensuring timely delivery of appropriate risk solution 

The company’s unique proposition lies in addressing the historically fragmented and cumbersome insurance purchasing and policy management journey that small and medium enterprises often endure. To tackle this, the company has developed an ecosystem of services tailored to the needs of SMEs. 

This includes innovative ventures like Violet Berri, a joint collaboration with Vensure Employer Services, offering a customized business insurance marketplace for PEOs and ASOs in partnership with Prism HR. Moreover, their services range from smart submission and marketplace offerings to a fully automated certificate of insurance model and a risk engine designed to aid workers’ compensation underwriters. 

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