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NFP Partners With Palm Beach North Athletic Foundation

The Palm Beach North Athletic Foundation (PBNAF), a nonprofit organisation with the goal of creating and running the PBN Sportsplex, an indoor community recreation centre, has established a long-term cooperation with property and casualty broker NFP.

A corporate donation and personal donations from NFP leadership make up the $1.25 million pledge NFP made to the PBNAF for the construction and running of the PBN Sportsplex.

Doug Hammond, chairman and CEO of NFP, said, “We’re thrilled to join with Palm Beach North Athletic Foundation and be a proactive participant in a project that will offer enormous benefit to families in and around Palm Beach County. “We strongly believe in the benefits of athletics, including the development of collaboration, discipline, and mental and physical well-being, and the PBN Sportsplex will offer chances for people from all walks of life,”

Green building practises will be applied to the PBN Sportsplex, a two-story, 213,000 square foot building in the Gardens North County District Park, to improve its water and energy efficiency. The venue will support both team and individual sports, as well as health and wellbeing. To accommodate the expanding hockey community in Florida, it will include two ice rinks.

Michael Winter, the founder and president of the PBNAF board, said, “We’re happy to join with NFP, an organisation that accepts our purpose and shares our dedication to our community. “Their participation and direction will be crucial to maximising the PBN Sportsplex project’s potential.”

The opportunity presented by NFP’s sponsorship will also allow for the introduction of Valor Hockey programmes, which emphasise an inclusive strategy for developing character, life skills, and values via hockey. This concept was developed by Pat LaFontaine, a former NHL player and spokesperson for NFP’s Sports and Entertainment Group. It will be applied to the hockey programmes run by PBNAF at the PBN Sportsplex.

According to LaFontaine, “Valor programmes are designed to reinvent what it means to win and to empower rewarding hockey experiences that reflect shared values.” “Since we all want to raise children who are content, well-rounded, and successful, hockey and other sports must teach them more than just how to do well in competition. Valor will set the bar for young sports in and distinguish the PBN Sportsplex from the outset.

According to the company, the relationship is also consistent with NFP’s dedication to the areas in which it operates.

According to Bill Austin, managing director of NFP in South Florida, “as we increase our footprint in South Florida, it’s a priority to proactively connect with the community and participate in activities beneficial to everyone.” “Recreation for all” is a key component of the PBN Sportsplex vision, and we’re honoured to play a leading role in realising it.

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