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Novidea’s Insurance Management Solution Leads Pathpoint To Major Growth Milestone

As per the recent reports, Novideas groundbreaking insurance management solution has led to Pathpoint experiencing a monthly raise of approx 20% compounded growth for the last 18 months.

The company is an innovative platform on Salesforce, and is designed to revolutionise the way insurance distribution functions on common methods.

It illuminates how this tactic affects, transforms and updates the entire lifecycle of insurance by bringing your customers and stakeholders into a comprehensive view. With an integrated front, middle, and back office, it creates a seamless flow of automated workflows, ensuring easy access to crucial data at every step of the insurance process making it a smoother, effective and a customer friendly process.

Ralph Blust, President & Chief Revenue Officer of Pathpoint, recently spoke and admired the step about adopting the service in a video posted to YouTube, claiming that , “It has allowed the firm to produce “a more complete product. Novidea also brought us a more complete product, in addition to the completeness of the product, they also brought us an incredible amount of customisation that we would be able to do ourselves. Additionally, the ability to create tasks and manage the clients at a task level allowed for an incredible efficiency at our sales processes and our underwriting processes.”

Pathpoint was founded and established in 2017 with a clear mission to make it easier for insurance agents to place non-admitted commercial policies 24/7 for serving their customers in need.

To do this, it enlisted the help of Novidea to help bolster its product, as the London-based firm offered its holistic offering which contains CRM and AMS capabilities to enable robust reporting.

Blust explained that it was this all-encompassing nature of the service that separates Novidea from others in the sector of insurtech.He said, “Novidea was a critical component to our success right from day one. We needed two different platforms. One which was agent-facing, that would be the actual application which would connect with our carriers. Then we needed one which we could transact the business communicate with our agents. The beauty that Novidea brings us is that because of their integration with Salesforce, they offer a CRM and and an agency management system AMS, all in one. It’s a holistic ecosystem that really separates Novidea from everybody else”, he explained.

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