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Optalitix Unveils Game-Changing Enhancements For Insurers’ Underwriting Performance

Optalitix, is known as an InsurTech company that leans on providing innovative underwriting and pricing model software solutions for business insurance and successfully has launched specific enhancements to its Optalitix Models and Optalitix Quote products.

About the firm:

Optalitix supercharges underwriting and origination processes by creating better risk management systems. It has a scalable no-code platform that underwrites insurance and loans at scale, providing processes embedded with data-driven insight data to its customers. Also its healthcare solutions increase booking efficiency and profitability.

There are total three Insurance Software Products Offered by Optalitix for business holders:

  1. Leads Manager – To manage any leads coming into your business and monitor their progress to maximise conversions for a better clarity in building the profit graph.
  2. Acumen – This feature creates underwriting decisions and integrate them without a developer in need.
  3. Underwrite – By this feature, the policyholder can track their underwriting progress and get access to their policy documents

The newly released Optalitix Models and Optalitix Quote enhancements holds a mission to revolutionize underwriting workflows. This will aim to sum up the time requirement for entire process to become speedy by running models up to 30 times faster and introducing flexible underwriting workflows through Flow technology.The Risk Vision dashboards provide deep insights into risk and outstanding quotes, letting insurers with the tools required for future readiness.

Working closely with Lloyd’s and major insurance companies, Optalitix delivers leading-edge software solutions. These products are designed to improve underwriting performance, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs, thereby supporting insurers in managing billions of pounds worth of premiums more effectively.

The newly introduced feature also offers customizable workflows to meet insurers’s specific needs, integrating various systems and redeeming features such as portfolio projections, geo-mapping, and smart trackingDani Katz, Co-founder and Director of Optalitix, said, “Optalitix is already recognised by Lloyd’s and major insurers for its market-leading products, which enable insurers to manage risks better, with pricing models that boost underwriting performance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. This latest launch of Optalitix Quote takes these capabilities to the next level, giving our clients a powerful competitive edge.”

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