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Partnership spurs creation of Health Insurtech business

AIA Group announces partnership with Discovery Group, unveiling the fruits of historic collaboration: joint pan-Asian InsurTech venture, Amplify Health 

AIA group is integrated digital health company Discovery Group and is exclusively marketed for the citizens of Asia but not this parts of asia – mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. They aim to become a leader in digital health technology and integrated solution. 

Post pandemic period elicits health and wellness focus 

The people more tuned their mind and their body health following the pandemic and now the opportune moment in the time to assess and share up there health care in Asia. The 80% of consumers are already actively into their health and wellbeing, and almost of 50% using digital health with comparing pre pandemic level. 

The Chief Executive and President of AIA Group is Lee Yuan Siong said,“As we look to the future, we see an urgent need for better, simpler and more affordable healthcare, and an expanding protection gap for the growing population in the region. These factors, combined with the fundamental drivers of growth, present an extraordinary opportunity.”

Key technological features and outcome 

The core set of Amplify Health’s technology are 

  • its ability to connect individuals with the correct providers at a cost that suits them 
  • the behavioural change health and wellness programmes available 
  • health insurance informed by risk management capabilities, and 
  • unique data insights that will lead to more accurate decision-making and better medical outcomes.   

Discovery has built unique and powerful health insurance wellness and health management capability.

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