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Willis Towers Watson

Pegasystems joins WTW’s Radar Live collaboration

Willis Towers Watson(WTW), a global advisory, broking, and solutions company has announced that Pegasystems, a software company that focuses on reducing business complexity, has become the latest vendor to join its Radar Live Collaboration program. The program was developed to give insurers faster and smoother integrations with Radar Live, Willis Towers Watson’s price delivery and decision engine platform, through an ecosystem of insurance software houses and system integrators.

Pega, a provider of intelligent automation and low-code solutions, is used by insurers to manage business-critical workflow processes including customer management, claims management and underwriting operations. Willis Towers Watson said that its API connectivity helps facilitate easy and rapid integration with Radar Live.

Radar Live allows insurers to rapidly inject pricing, rules and decision support models into Pega’s system. With this new technology, models can be developed, scenarios can be tested and deployed rapidly, reducing costs and decision cycle times and increasing confidence in pricing and business decisions.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Willis Towers Watson and Radar Live, a best-of-breed pricing and rules-based engine,” said Kieran Tarrant, vice president of sales, UK and Ireland, for Pega. “Pega drives efficiency, maximizes effectiveness, crushes complexity and combines the excellence of Radar Live with Pega, a world-leading case-management capability, to deliver quality underwriting outcomes for insurers and their customers.”

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