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Polly partners with CarNow for instant insurance quotes

Polly’s customers will now be able to receive instant insurance quotes through an integration with CarNow’s digital retailing and chat platforms 

Polly, a major automotive digital retailing services provider, has announced a new relationship with CarNow, an insurance marketplace for automotive retail.

Polly’s digital insurance shopping experience will be connected with CarNow’s range of digital retailing tools to provide consumers with fast, tailored insurance quotations while searching for a car.

“CarNow’s reputation for upgrading dealer-customer touchpoints aligns perfectly with Polly’s objective to change the car-buying experience,” stated Travis Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and CEO of Polly. “We’re moving the needle on Polly’s vision by integrating our industry-first automotive insurance platform with CarNow’s digital retailing technologies.”

Using technology to make the insurance process easier 

Customers may get a complete picture of the pricing of their prospective car by including insurance into an increasingly digital car purchase process.

Polly’s mobile technology allows automobile buyers to compare several insurance estimates and purchase them online or through a connection with a registered insurance agent. Polly clients who report savings save an average of $64 per month on their auto insurance. Furthermore, dealers in Polly’s network say their back-end gross has increased by 44 percent on average. This simplified method allows automobile buyers to reinvest their savings in a dealership’s products and services in real time.”This cooperation with Polly demonstrates our commitment to offering seamless experiences for our dealers and their customers,” stated Andy Park, CEO of CarNow.

“For our dealers and OEMs looking to engage with their customers and streamline the car buying process, the CarNow-Polly interface provides real-time processes. We’re ecstatic to be forming this partnership with you.”

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