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Digital Payment

Sapiens and Echo partners to provide digital payment processing

Sapiens International Corporation, which is a renowned insurance software provider has announced its partnership with ECHO Health. Echo health caters to the digital payment processing property, healthcare, worker’s compensation, casualty, and any other specialty insurers. This partnership will work for providing carriers with a digital payment capability through a secure single portal.

ECHO health was founded in 1997 and now process more than 1 billion payments every week. The client is connected to a network of more than 1 million electronic-ready insurance providers and vendors, through ECHO which is considered as nation’s largest network.

ECHO’s product will team up with Sapiens’ CoreSuite for property and casualty and CoreSuite for worker’s compensation to enabling the carriers which will eliminate the manual payment processes, which is a leading B2B payment challenge quoted by 54% of large businesses and 65% of small businesses.

Tom Dean, president of ECHO said, “Sapiens share our commitment of leading the industry through various digital solutions and trustworthy customer service. When we work together as a team we can unlock the full potential of integrated payment processing which will benefit our clients for succession in new digital business prospect.”

This union will allow clients to integrate their payments across multiple systems with minimal IT requirements.  Also, the data of all clients will be streamlined into a single access point.

“Sapiens and ECHO are collaborating to discuss the many payment challenges which are faced by clients today.” Said Roni AlDor, president and CEO of Sapiens. “By coordination ECHO solution within Sapiens worker’s compensation and P&C Solutions, the client can easily carry out the digital payment process, saving money and time and can gain greater insight on payments.”

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