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Sapiens To Launch In Finland As LocalTapiola

Sapiens , a firm provides software solutions to it’s customers globally, launched it’s presence in Finland as  LocalTapiola, which will work as a life insurance company.

Sapiens visions to build it’s financial sector more rigid and tough within the market,  by focusing on insurance, digitization, innovation and agile as the ladder towards stability. It comprise of an insurance platform with pre-integrated, low-code solutions and a cloud-first approach to launch a new Policy Administration System which will leverage Sapiens Business Intelligence, Cloud Services (SCS) and Cloud Hosting to replace the 8 Policy Administration Systems (PAS) with a next-generation digital experience.

The PAS system might reduce technology debt, support full compliance with needful requirements and legislation as well as meet customer demands and dynamic behaviour which will result in LocalTapiola’s trusted customer efficiency with a next-generation customer experience and added-value, making the company more accurate and precise. Also, PAS system will degrade IT debt and increase the speed-to-market of new products and solutions.

After this announcement the CEO of LocalTapiola, Pasi Haarala  claimed in an interview that , “Partnering with Sapiens provides LocalTapiola Life the agility and abilities to provide our customers a unique digital experience. An experience with the customer in mind, positioned at the forefront of the company backed with the technology to deliver a game-changing policy administration system. Sapiens’ presence in the Nordic market makes it a perfect partner that brings both global technology and knowledge with local understanding and service.”

To this, the CEO Ran Al-Dor, of collaborating firm, Sapiens also shared his views. “Establishing our presence in the Finnish market with LocalTapiola Life is a true honor and further strengthens our strategic presence in the Nordic region. This partnership signifies the true spirit of digitalisation and LocalTapiola Life as the flagship project in Finland.”

Therefore, the company aims to provide it’s customer with simple and reliable services and software solutions. By gaining customer trust and support the firm aims to gain stability in the insurance market.

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