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Saporo Has Landed €4m In A Seed Funding-

Swiss based company serving cybersecurity to it’s customers-  Saporo has landed €4m in a seed funding round navigated by XAnge currently. Previously the firm raised €2.6m in pre-seed funding. Following this, the company claims it saw a surge in customer requirements from businesses looking to incorporate its technology.

The round also saw participation from other fellow investors including Session VC and Lightbird Ventures. The company has a unique approach using graph theory helps companies build and maintain secure systems by design,  enables organizations to model, measure, and increase their resistance to cyberattacks by reducing it’s chances to occur.

After a successful product launch in January,  the firm has seen that it’s customer count maximized three times as compared to the previous count. The firm has businesses with teams between 500 and 30,000 employees in majorly growing fields of  healthcare, banking, and insurance. And also their product has shown an attack surface reduction of up to 80 percent from last three months.

 It has graph theory and artificial intelligence analysis to test an organization’s attack surface and the relationships between assets, users, and computers against millions of possible attack paths. This helps the software to analyze and measure how much effort hackers would require to break the wall of it’s tight security.

Nevertheless , The newly raised funding aims to grow its team healthily, broaden the product and introduce it to more countries and markets across Europe certainly.

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