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Staying on top of broker’s challenges

Rikki Concannon, brokerage service manager at RPS Ascinsure Specialty Risk, has achieved success by staying ahead of an ever-changing industry. Concannon was selected one of Insurance Business America’s top specialist brokers for 2022 as a result of her success in a niche market – supplying insurance for scaffold and crane risks.

“We are continually attempting to stay informed of the problems faced by our broker partners in an ever-changing regulatory environment,” Concannon told IBA. “Understanding demands and challenges has allowed us to strive to provide new scaffold and construction access solutions.”

Concannon began her career as a marketing manager at two different agencies, where she worked directly with insureds and managed marketing teams. In 2019, she joined RPS Ascinsure Specialty Risk.

Her experience working for an advertising agency, she said, helped her prepare for the job.

Concannon remarked, “I believe that my expertise as a commercial marketing manager and producer trainer on the retail side has given me the ability to assist our brokers with their prospecting, submission, and closing strategies.” “I’ll analyse websites and/or prospects’ current coverage for obstacles and potential in collaboration with our brokers.” I collaborate with our brokers to provide a high-quality submission that allows our underwriting team to completely analyse the account in a timely manner.”

Concannon also works with brokers to identify coverage benefits for risks such as scaffolding and construction access, as well as crane, rigging, and specialty transportation.

RPS Ascinsure is a multi-carrier nationwide insurance provider and programme underwriting manager. It caters to a variety of specialty markets, with representatives who are experts in their specialties.

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