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TAZI AI Women in Insurance Tech Conference

TAZI AI’s dream is to bring Machine Learning (ML) to all. TAZI aims to empower the insurance industry with digital capabilities to keep up with the continuously changing world. With the adoption of ML, insurers are able to grow their profitability, efficiency, and productivity. As an example, prescriptive risk management decisions for underwriting processes through predictive analytics can create underwriting productivity and effectiveness value. 

P&C insurance companies can benefit in numerous ways from integrating ML technology. Some of the solutions that insurers can leverage through TAZI include cross-selling, lead scoring, and submission scoring. Utilizing timely and insightful data to support risk management decisions has been the main aspect of the insurance industry. While this has been applied historically to actuarial and underwriting decisions, the maturity in the AI/ML space now makes it possible to leverage it to be utilized by carriers. 

Through TAZI’s Cross-Sell solution, insurance carriers can predict qualified leads, improve cross-sell conversion rates and customer engagement, and monitor sales processes. The Submission Scoring solution allows insurance companies to detect emerging partners, leverage existing submission triage capabilities, and recommend the right actions for the highest probability of success. With TAZI’s Lead Scoring solution, underwriters can prioritize target customer profiles, incorporate profitability models to create leads for sales campaigns, and fuel profitable growth. TAZI’s continuous learning model and easy-to-use AI platform is made accessible to insurers. 

Adopting new technologies can be onerous for insurance companies as the industry faces existing challenges. Some of the hurdles that are present include acquiring the ML mindset and changing the process, team, and technological capabilities. To learn about the key challenges insurers are facing in the Artificial Intelligence journey and overcoming it, Zehra Cataltepe, Co-Founder & CEO of TAZI AI, will be addressing it on September 8, 2022, at 2:50 PM ET at Women In Insurance Tech Conference

TAZI is headquartered in San Francisco and is recognized by Gartner® as an Honorable Mention in their 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud AI Developers Services. TAZI’s core product is a SaaS machine learning platform that is changing the way in which AI is used in businesses. Technology integration is crucial for businesses, especially in the insurance industry. To learn more about our story or book a free session, please visit our website or email us at

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