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The re/insurance broker BMS launches Pathlight Analytics

BMS the re/insurance broker has launched Pathlight Analytics, an analytics platform that runs across both the insurance and reinsurance industry.

This platform has been created to aid clients with inspecting, analyzing, and interpreting data as it relates to their definite capital and risk transfer objectives and goals.

Pathlight Analytics is a strategic build-out of analytics and follows the appointment of Kirk Conrad as the BMS’s Global Head of Analytics.

The CEO of BMS group Nick Cook said, “BMS esteems the combination of individual expertise and technology. We continue to draw market-leading talents to the enterprise and are pressing ahead with further investment in actuarial and analytical proficiencies.”

“The launch of Pathlight Analytical works as a testimonial to BMS’s commitment to delivering best assistance in advisory services to our clients and we look forward to directing the initiation of client-centric technology in the market.”

Pete Chandler, BMS Re’s CEO and President applauded the step forward this platform makes, “Pathlight Analytics is BMS’s interdisciplinary and comprehensive offering for analytics which is now available in a unified platform.”

“The Existing pre-built analytic tools have restrictions when it comes to approaching client-specific challenges. Pathlight Analytics comes nearer in the market for a tailored, independent approach. We like to say that the focus of the Pathlight Analytics platform and, the whole enterprise for that matter, is on tackling client challenges”

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