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Top Insurance Employer 2023 – Arch – Marcella McLean

Arch Insurance International was recently recognized as one of Insurance Business’s Top Insurance Employers for 2023. In an interview with Insurance Business TV, Marcella McLean, Chief Human Resources Officer at Arch Insurance International, shared the company’s keys to success in creating an ethical and thriving workplace. One of the most important aspects is Arch’s comprehensive behavioral framework which outlines the 12 behaviors that employees should embody, both internally and externally, to be “an Archie”. This framework is linked to the company’s values and defines the culture at Arch.

In terms of attracting new talent, McLean emphasizes that there is a wealth of good talent out there and that the insurance industry needs to promote itself more to attract it. Arch has partnered with organizations like the London Market Group and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity to visit schools and universities to promote the industry and to offer internships to students. McLean believes it is important to make insurance an exciting and interesting career path and to get it on the agenda for students early on.

To keep the talent they attract, McLean notes that career progression and learning and development opportunities are key. Arch has recently launched Arch University, an internal resource of thousands of courses, and partnered with LinkedIn Learning to offer development opportunities to their employees. McLean believes that employees want to know that their next opportunity is within the company and that they are being invested in it for the long term.

Overall, Arch Insurance International’s commitment to a defined culture and values, attracting new talent through partnerships, and investing in their employees’ development has earned them recognition as a Top Insurance Employer.

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