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USA Technologies CMO Maeve McKenna-Duska speaking at High Tech Retailing Summit during CES 2020

USA Technologies CMO, Maeve McKenna-Duska to speak at High Tech Retailing Summit during CES 2020

CES 2020 will host the High Tech Retailing Summit, a conference that will leverage the innovative retail environment on January 8, 2020 in Las Vegas. Chief Marketing Officer of USA Technologies, Maeve McKenna-Duska will be the renowned speaker at this upcoming event, discussing how the unexplored and self-serve technology is setting new paradigms for retail.

The participants of the Hight Tech Retail Summit taking place in Las Vegas will also see participants discussing how cutting-edge technologies have transformed the modern retail industry. 

The full-day conference serves as a great platform for leading retailers and pioneering technologists to come together and explore the advantages of the new retail environment. The conference will also show how brands, technologists and retailers are embracing the technology change.

Hight Tech Retail Summit is organised by Living in Digital Times which is known for arranging many such technology-driven events, conferences and exhibitions that serve as a meeting point for organization leaders and latest technologies that helps in bringing innovation in their respective fields. It also helps companies in identifying the latest technology trends that fits their marketplace. The full-day event will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, N253.

USA Technologies Inc. is a leading company which is well-known for its cashless payments and software services. This company offers complete technology solutions for the self-service retail market. Right from vending machine companies to laundromats, amusements to car charging stations many such lines of work are able to run their businesses efficiently and competitively using USA Technologies’ services.

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