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What Are The Key People And Culture Challenges Facing Insurance Businesses Today?

What are some of the main people and cultural challenges facing insurance businesses today? That was one of the questions put to Clear Group’s Victoria ‘V’ Gallimore during a recent IB Talk podcast on the changing conversation around people at work.

Sharing some of her key insights, the director noted that the most pressing challenges facing these businesses are centered around the talent crunch in insurance. It’s a prevalent conversation, she said, and it’s not just about talent attraction but also about retaining talent and meeting the needs of the current workforce.

“[On] talent attraction, we know that after the COVID pandemic, it was a lot more difficult to recruit people within the market,” she said. “So, we’ve had to go back to what it is we can offer when someone comes into the Clear Group that makes them want to work with us and stay with us.

“We are quite fortunate that we have quite a low attrition rate. And we think that is because people buy into the culture when they come to work for us. They buy into that inclusive workplace, where we’re trying to make people feel that they can be individual contributors and be their best.”

Clear’s workforce now spans over six decades, she said, and you can see the difference between what different generations want when they come into work, down even to how they want to work. The secret to success, she said, is about being adaptable and agile when it comes to communicating with people, whether that’s about benefits or learning & development opportunities. 

“It’s just not one size fits all anymore,” she said. “And we have to be adaptive and consultative with everything that we’re offering.”

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