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Insurance Tech Conference

Why should you Attend the Women in Insurance Tech Conference?

The Women in Insurance Tech conference is here to celebrate the insurance industry’s foremost women of influence and leadership. Happening on September 8 – 9, 2022 in Boston, USA this event will witness 250+ Insurance Industry decision-makers come together in person and tackle the biggest digital transformation challenges encountered by the insurance sector.

In this two-day event, you’ll come across key strategies for leadership development and there will be exchange of ideas among like-minded peers. Your presence at the conference will help you build and grow your professional network with some of the US insurance industry’s most influential women leaders. 

Get latest insights, trends and technology highlights from leading worm insurance leaders, technology experts and innovators. Some of these leaders are Vinita Jajware-Beatty, President, Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA); Lori Pon Director, Claim Transformation, The Auto Club Group; Michelle Osborne, Chief Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Carolina Department of Insurance;  Megan Duty, Vice President, Puritan Life;  Tracey Sharis, SVP, Ironshore;  Gina Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association. Visit the complete speakers list here;

 This conference will explain how you can create a better customer experience for the foreseeable future in this new digitized world with new solutions and new tech-driven customers. 

You’ll have the opportunity to talk to these influential women one-on-one about;

  • New leadership strategies in the Insurance sector 
  • Customer engagement in this digital era 
  • Connected Insurance
  • Technology Disruptions & Data Analytics
  • Process Automation. 

Learn how to leverage new technologies such as analytics, blockchain, and cloud to your advantage and expand your knowledge as well as your business. Get Real-time risk insights by mastering emerging and disruptive technology. Checkout the complete schedule in detail here;

This conference will help you in both your professional and personal development, as well as will provide you with the tools and skills needed for a better and bigger future. It will allow you to dig deeper with the understanding of the future of insurance. 

How to Register 

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