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30th International Conference of Trade and Finance Association Invites Call for Papers

 international-conferenceThe 30th International Conference on Trade and Finance Association is annually held in May between 27-30 Richmond Virginia by the year 2020. The organization is immensely happy to state that the next conference will be hosted by the University of Richmond. University faculties and other professionals can either present or attend the conference.

During the event, a graduate student mentoring event would also be added and will take place by 27th May i.e. Wednesday. This mentoring event will be hosted by the members of ITFA. It will be a day-long mentoring session for the students that will groom them up to understand better the pace in progress to excel throughout the career and its academic life.

In the year 1990, IT&FA was founded by a prestigious group of academics and professionals that believed in the study of international issues that didn’t yet the proper emphasis and attention required from the world. The following association comprises members from a total of 30 countries such as Australia, China, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Republic Finland, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, the UK, UAE, Spain, Portugal and a few more.

This association is an open group for all sorts of intellectual studies and the members are quite helpful and influence others to join it too. Being a multi-disciplinary association, scholars and professionals are invited to join from all arenas like, law, economics, business, finance, communication which will eventually lead to globalization.

During this conference, papers like, theoretical, conceptual, empirical on trade finance, cybersecurity, digitization, e-commerce, tourism, migration, investment, and a lot more relative shall get the chance to be presented.  The last date of registration for materials and abstract reviews is scheduled from November 1, 2019, till January 31, 2020. Notifications of acceptance are by dated February 23, 2020.

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