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Assurdeal Announces The Appointment Of Mikaël Maslé Onboard Recently

Assurdeal has recently announced about the news of hiring Mikaël Maslé to their esteemed advisory board team, he will be actively leading as a digital insurance leader of the firm in France. 

Coming to the background of this new hiring, he holds a remarkable team leading skills and has an experience of two decades of profound expertise in the insurance sector, he also has his illustrious tenure in leading organisations like AG2R LA MONDIALE, Groupama, and Roam in his previous times. 

His most recent role as Director of Partnerships at AG2R LA MONDIALE, illuminated him in managing relationships with institutional entities, professional associations, and cutting-edge startups until October 2023, that led to leveraged rise in the industry respectively.

Drawing attention towards the moto of the firm to hire him as leader, assurdeal is hoping to rise itself towards the position as a digital insurance leader in France and leverage its platform to facilitate the evaluation, acquisition, and divestiture of insurance portfolios.  

The addition of Mikaël to their advisory board broadens the spectrum that inclines more towards augmenting the company’s growth trajectory. His appointment is set to manifest his expansive network, wealth of experience, and strategic insights, bolstering assurdeal‘s position in the digital insurance landscape. 

His arrival at assurdeal signifies a significant raise in the company’s advisory capacity too. His diversified knowledge of the insurance domain, cultivated through leadership roles and affiliations with prestigious institutions gives a valuable impact of asset to steer assurdeal towards its ambitious goals and growth in future.

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