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Heading to the overall physical and systemic work system of an insurance industry, the effect extracted are just the beginning.

From the bulletin of October 19, 2022, a headline emerged that Insurance company stepped back in signing a deal for fuel projects due to fear of current environmental crisis Last year on May 27, 2021 , Lloyd’s of London announced to stop sales of insurance for some of the extra emitting fossil fuel companies completely till 2030. This will lead a global transition for climate concerned economies and lower carbon emissions. 

Various companies took this initiative to support a carbon free environment and so to this- Google Cloud established with it’s advisory of carbon zero program, 53% of bank respondents passed this as an order recently. That’s why you must’ve even noticed why vehicles are quite expensive to shield up by an insurance as compared to other sources. This let the reinsurance market to suffer in a perfect storm. Environmental campaigns initiated this to help saving this global cause and on it’s announcement Big oil pledged to fight climate changes but ever since their deeds do not match up with their promising words. 

Madeline Baynard, an activist from Extinction Rebellion, demonstrates in front of government of Columbia about the growing demand of end to all fossil fuel infrastructure in Washington on April 22, 2022.

Thislethwaite, an expert on Economic impact of extreme weather from Waterloo University, Canada,  claimed – “If climate change continues as it’s current rate , markets where they can provide insurance at a certain rate to people, can erode.” 

And so was said by Peter Bosshard, an author on PBS News Hour , that – “Insurance is the Achilles heel of the fossil fuel industry and has the power to accelerate the transition to clean energy”. Such schemes will require involvement of private sector too. As per the records viewed till yet, globally we have 6% of carbon emissions creating it’s impact on their carbon footprint making a tough hurdle for the insurers.

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