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Webinar: Dealing With Eiopa Grios On Cloud Outsourcing

Reaching the edge of deadline, insights and strategies for dealing with EIOPA will be revealed by KPMG and Ivalua. This will be solely based on EIOPA’s guidelines on outsourcing to cloud service providers.

The mentioned guidelines applies to all cloud outsourcing arrangements entered, which are reviewed or carded with green on or after 1 January 2021, With 31 December as the deadline, KPMG and Ivalua will head over with their strategies and insights to deal towards profit.

The webinar will comprise of inspections from a KPMG survey which will be conducted across several European countries, which seeks to establish whether firms are ready for the changes to be faced further. The survey has also segregated number of obstacles affecting insurers to be a complaint and found preventive ways for it.

Experts from both the firms will share useful insights, study analysis, review for best practices and showcase Ivalua’s solution.

The webinar will be held on November 10, 2022 at 2:00pm CEST.

Senior product marketing manager, Arnaud Malardé holds the experience of over 10 years in several procurement positions. Being a professionally successful financial expert, Arnaud has given his time to various prestigious international firms that offers valuable and modern digital procurement solutions.

Director in KPMG procurement and supply chain advisory in Belgium – Jos Joos is with an experience of over 20 years in terms of management consulting, mainly in the area of procurement, supply chain and operations, He has worked across several industrial sectors comprising retail, life sciences, telco, utilities, transport and postal, and defense.

Executive director of KPMG –

Paul Oleiman, bags the experience of over 20 years, he has assisted clients in many technological transformations as well as IT strategy and outsourcing engagements.

Manager in digital sourcing at KPMG advisory in Netherlands, Marten Visser, has a massive experience in both public and private sector comprising sourcing strategies, service provider selection and governance.

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