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Californian Blue Shield healthcare systems

Californian Blue Shield experiments on health care systems

Blue Shield of California- a California-based insurer is working on a series of experiments that focus on improving health care for patients and clinicians. The program named ‘Health Reimagined’ aims to focus on a health system. It solely works with the patient and the physician and not the health plan or anything else.

Recently, it was observed that physicians are frustrated with the existing medical system. Moreover, this frustration has been piling up even before the pandemic crisis. Even patients are taken aback by the cost and difficulty of getting health care. Also, without any doubt, health insurers are a source of wrath for both.

Peter Long, senior Vice President of Blue Shield of California told that patients were not satisfied. Moreover, the providers were burning out of frustration. This is due to the system that charges an inordinate amount of money. To come up with a solution, Blue Shield of California seeks to expand local programs that succeed quickly.

Furthermore, the Pacific Business Group on Health, representing a large group of California employers, has made an appeal to the federal government. They are asking to expand support for primary care. Additionally, Blue Shield is planning to open two Altais clinics in the country. This is being done to offer mental health and orthopedic services as well to meet the needs of the patients.

Though Blue Shield is not the only insurer working in the direction of care delivery, UnitedHealth Group Inc.’s Optum unit has around 50,000. To ease the doctor’s burden, Blue Shield is even trying to introduce technology like voice recognition so that physicians dictate notes saving their writing time. It is also working to speed up doctor’s payments. Overall, insurers are coming in front to meet patients’ and physicians’ needs.

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