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COVID-19-Crisis on Insurance

Unprecedented risk and D&O Insurance Crisis Amid COVID

It is most probable that the premiums for Directors’ and Officers’ will increase as an impact of the Corona Virus. This is also a result of the worsening of Australia’s class action environment due to COVID 19. It is highly predictable that COVID 19 will continue to harm the market conditions.

Furthermore, it will result in withdrawing and the impact will be on pricing for balancing. It is expected that pricing will increase by a 3-digit number. Marsh has said that D&O is an existential crisis with uncertain risks, higher pricing of premiums, lesser and more onerous coverage, low coverage, and lower limits.

Due to all the ongoing situations most critical is the level of securities class actions with the hardening market.  Moreover, there is nothing to be hidden that this is going to continue for the next few months.

Marsh has risen question on the future of the D&O insurance. Also, Marsh has expressed his fears about its future affordability and coverage. The broker’s data shows the average D&O insurance increase in the first quarter to be 225%. Also, it shows a 4 to 5 times increase in some premiums for the biggest ASX listed companies.

Companies like WR Berkley, Vero, Allianz, Talbot Australia, and Lloyd’s syndicate’s Novae, Neon, Canopius, Pioneer, Axis, and Acapella have lost D&O securities cover as the insurers have withdrawn. Other companies like Aza XL, Zurich, Chubb, Liberty, Dual Australia, and London Australia Underwriting are rethinking their exposure and showing more discrimination.

The Risk Insurance Management Society(RIMS) says the class action environment is unable to balancing between justice and the right functioning of corporate Australia.

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