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CCC Intelligent Solutions Acquires Insurtech Safekeep

CCC Intelligents solution (ccc) has acquired Safekeep, in line with its vision to deliver end-to-end straight-through claims processing

A leading SaaS Platform which is for insurance economy name CCC Intelligent Solution which has acquired Safekeep in subrogation to claim management technology.
CCC’s AI-powered claims that software to include to subrogation management ,which function in achieving claims in resolution and now they are part of CCC’s completely and AI-enabled end-to-end claims solution 

 “Subrogation is a largely manual, time-intensive process impacting every insurer across every line of business,” said Marc Fredman, chief strategy officer, CCC.

Support the digital transformation of the P&C insurance econmy 

Safekeep is a platform for enterprise to leverage AI to speed and improve the management across auto, property, worker’s, and insurance lines of business. There are more then 300 leading carriers already that are activated in CCC Cloud.

“Our team of insurance experts, data scientists, engineers, and designers has reimagined what’s possible in insurance subrogation management,” said Jeff To, founder and CEO of Safekeep.  “The vision of Safekeep aligns directly with CCC to support the digital transformation of the P&C insurance economy

Safekeep is applied for a combination of machine learning, nature language processing, rules,  and predictive mode to claim more efficient management in subrogation.

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