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Chubb Revolutionizes Flood Insurance With Innovative Self-Service System

Chubb Personal Risk Services (PRS), renowned for its unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier insurance solutions, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the self-service Flood Insurance System.

Crafted with the aim of simplifying processes for agents, this groundbreaking system ensures lightning-fast access to flood quotes, particularly tailored for low-hazard properties, all within a mere two minutes. Seamlessly integrated with the Chubb Agent Portal and the Masterpiece EZ Quote homeowners platform, this initiative marks a significant stride in elevating Chubb’s personal lines business, encompassing primary and excess flood insurance offerings.

The genesis of this pioneering product echoes the pressing demand for swift and comprehensive flood protection, amidst a landscape where flooding incidents grow in frequency and unpredictability. Chubb’s proactive stance in responding to evolving climate dynamics and associated risks shines through its commitment to delivering a seamless quoting experience.

As a frontrunner in the global insurance arena, Chubb PRS boasts a rich repertoire of commercial and personal insurance solutions. Renowned for its meticulous risk assessment prowess, formidable financial standing, and expansive array of products and services, Chubb sets itself apart through its unwavering pursuit of excellence, particularly evident in its claims handling ethos—marked by fairness and expediency.

The debut of the new Flood Insurance System stands as a testament to Chubb’s trailblazing spirit in the insurance realm. Promising an enriched user interface for agents, it empowers them to swiftly procure flood insurance quotes for clients, all the while underscoring Chubb’s commitment to furnishing comprehensive flood protection options. These encompass customizable limits tailored to diverse client requirements, with coverage extending up to $15 million.

Beyond the pragmatic advantages of accelerated quote generation, Chubb is also taking proactive strides in educating agents and brokers on flood risk mitigation. A recent publication, “Protecting your family and home from a flood,” serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to equipping stakeholders with invaluable insights for averting and managing flood-related perils.

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