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Crawford Joins The World Wide Web Consortium

Crawford Technologies document solution provider, helps enterprises optimize and improve the secure delivery, storage and presentment of their customer communications, has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). As a global community, member organizations and the public work with each other to develop protocols and guidelines to certify the long-term growth of the World Wide Web. After becoming a member of W3C, Crawford Technologies can help in the mission of W3C and enhance its ability to serve better Crawford Technologies’ customers and access the community.

The Company Crawford Technologies is recognized for supporting organizations build a culture of exclusivity by providing tools and services for cost-effectively making documents accessible. The company provides a complete platform for creating and managing print, web-hosted and electronic documents covering software solutions and a broad range of tailored services to meet document accessibility. Needs of all wide-reaching, compact and private sector organizations and governments of all levels.

Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies, said that Crawford Technologies has committed to providing software solutions and services that help enterprises optimize their customer communications. In addition, the company works to stay ahead of the market and be a spearhead of the market and technology. He also added company becoming a W3C member will be a typical example of commitment. Through this membership, the company’s’ accessibility experts will have the opportunity to engage with governing bodies to help set global standards that will benefit our customers.

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