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Zego Teams Up with BP to insure the trial of BP EV Pro.

Zego, the London-based commercial motor insurer, with support from Swiss Re, Zego has formed partnership with BP. The BP is an integrated energy company, provider of drivers with Zego’s professional insurance as part of BP’s electric vehicle subscription service trial in London, called “BP EV Pro.” The package is developed specifically for professional ride-hail drivers and aims to make it more appealing and convenient for drivers to select an electric vehicle, significantly reducing emissions.

EV Pro Package includes some benefits as access to BP’s charging network, BP pulse, servicing, and maintenance. Along with that, Zego will provide professional insurance, meaning ride-hail drivers will be covered by the correct insurance as soon as the car is delivered.

Zego is founded in 2016 as a commercial motor insurance company that provides power opportunities for businesses, from entire numbers of vehicles to self-employed drivers and riders. Sten Saar, CEO of Zego, stated that with the company’s flexible, usage-based insurance product, the company supports BP’s trial by providing solutions to ride-hailing drivers. This partnership between Zego and BP is a massive milestone for the company, and Zego looks forward to building a lasting relationship with BP. In addition, Zego already sees businesses across the country adopt EV fleets to reduce carbon emissions.

Through the Zego and BP partnership, Swiss Re is further advancing and developing automotive solutions to drive innovation in the motor insurance sector. Swiss Re seems confident that this partnership company will contribute to reaching the UK’s and the global net-zero ambitions.

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