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CII collaborates with Southampton Data Science Academy

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) collaborates with the Southampton Data Science Academy (SDSA) to develop and launch a new educational course for insurance professionals.

The course is an introductory-level course that will help to develop insurance professionals’ understanding of data analysis, data visualization techniques, an ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence and data science techniques for insurance.

Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), Sian Fisher, said that Data Science and Artificial intelligence are helping insurance companies to improve customer service. And also provide more detailed and wise analysis, make better decisions and predictions while improving productivity via automation algorithms and better pricing and modelling. This course is ideal for anyone in the insurance profession quest to develop a perception of data science and AI ability from broking, underwriting. It claims professionals to business analysts, product development, management and marketing roles.

After the McKinsey report released in 2020 concluded digital and analytics tools and AI’s expansion, the development of the course has conclusions for all core functions in insurance.

The management consulting company wind up managing these risks and trends and improving the latest technologies’ value. The profession requires an infusion of technical skills and to acquire value from pursuing new capabilities.

The course is delivered for six weeks, with a module per week through a mixture of online teaching, weekly group tutorials, and one-on-one sessions totaling 4 to 6 hours a week. A digital certificate co-branded by CII and SDSA – will be issued approximately three to four weeks after the end of the course.

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