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Enabling Insurers To Foster Better Conversations With Custom

Smart Communications is helping insurance companies to improve customer engagement thanks to its leading conversation platform, The Conversation CloudTM.

There is a saying in the insurance business that goes something like this: nobody buys insurance coverage because they enjoy filing claims. In reality, there is always a loss involved when a customer wants to submit a notice of claim—a death, a theft, a broken car, the destruction of a family home. As a result, it takes a delicate touch to get it right because the first interaction between the insurer and the insured can set the tone for the entire conversation.

It can sometimes be a make-or-break moment when a claim is the first encounter with a policyholder, according to Ruth Fisk, VP Insurance Strategy for Smart Communications. “Claims professionals must balance the varied consumer expectations of today. Personalization, which is crucial to the connection, must be balanced with the proper approach for the consumer as an individual. They must also be able to communicate with customers through their preferred channels and be extremely approachable.

Although the insurance sector is improving its digital experiences, customers still have external expectations. They want the same degree of ease, simplicity, and personalization that they receive on a daily basis from companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Uber. They also want customer-centric service and a claims representative that is responsive to them. Therefore, the bar for insurance is relatively high.

The right time for embracing digital transformation

According to Fisk, customers expect their insurance provider to have digital tools that support hyper-personalization and two-way customer conversations, provide simple user interfaces, use reflexive design to seamlessly deliver information across customers’ preferred channels and devices, and prioritise self-service functionality with omnichannel capabilities that enable interactions to continue across devices 24/7. It has been difficult for insurers to make it simple and quick for customers to get insurance coverage or to settle a claim because of legacy apps and decades-old methods. They are frequently unable to provide rich and lasting client experiences as a result, which hurts their capacity to draw in and keep customers.

There has never been a better opportunity for insurers to adjust and adapt. Insurance companies of all sizes can develop consistent and interesting customer experiences thanks to Smart Communications’ flagship conversation platform, The Conversation Cloud. More than 250 insurance businesses currently trust it to facilitate smarter discussions and achieve digital transformation at scale.

The Conversation Cloud gives insurers the ability to digitally transform their fundamental administrative processes for policies, billing, and claims. It gives them the ability to link with crucial systems, such as Guidewire’s InsuranceSuite, to boost productivity and enhance user experience. Additionally, it makes use of e-signature platforms like DocuSign and OneSpan to build an end-to-end connected experience that is smooth, even in the areas of the claims journey that insurers believed were too complex to fix.

It’s undeniable that the difficulty of letting go of established systems, practises, and even ways of thinking is keeping many insurers from reaping the benefits of a cloud-based communications platform. After all, it’s a very difficult assignment. However, with Smart Communications’ assistance, insurers have been able to fully revamp their digital engagement approach, resulting in greater customer experiences as well as simultaneous operational cost savings.

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