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IBM’s Expertise Nurturing Transformational Change in Fintech

IBM uses its expertise to implement transformational change within fintech, partnering with clients on complex organisational and technological challenges.

A consultancy company can only be as successful as the knowledge it can disseminate to clients. Therefore, it says a lot if Lee-Han Tjioe, General Manager for Hong Kong and Macau, mentions IBM Consulting’s broad range of skills when asked what makes it unique.

Technology consulting and business consulting are both included in our scope, according to Lee-Han. “Our team includes business consultants who assist clients with strategy, new product development, and the definition or optimization of business processes. One aspect of our work is that. The second section is where we offer advice on particular technological subjects. We therefore have consultants who are highly specialised in important technologies like AI and Hybrid Cloud and who can assist clients in achieving big operational benefits enabled by technology. 

IBM has a long history of serving as a reliable advisor and delivery partner with a solid reputation in the market. With recent significant corporate acquisitions, IBM has further evolved into an eco-system supplier to help clients implement distinctive industry and technological solutions. Today, IBM works directly and cooperatively with businesses and ecosystem partners to achieve the necessary business model changes made possible by cutting-edge digital technologies, which would be difficult to scale quickly without dependable partners.

International and local conglomerate businesses from a variety of important industries frequently serve as IBM’s clientele. “We are deploying best practises quickly with quick go-to-market while co-creating with our clients and ecosystem partners to build new propositions and experiences. One instance is with an insurance provider for “pay-how-you-drive” insurance that we deal with on IOT. Therefore, we assisted the client in actually installing the necessary technologies in the vehicles to monitor driving habits and tie those to highly creative insurance offers.

IBM’s partnership with AXA

Another illustration is IBM’s long-standing, solid cooperation with the insurance provider AXA. AXA initially had their applications handled by suppliers throughout the globe, but was looking to consolidate after realising how difficult it was to maintain cost-effectiveness and consistent service levels. IBM was hired by AXA to administer those applications and support innovation.

Through our cooperation with AXA, we are providing multi-year maintenance for AXA’s mission-critical applications, says Lee-Han. “Those applications assist sales, distribution, and other important internal processes. Within four months, we transferred the expertise of 60 applications, and we now support well over 100. This serves as the cornerstone of our collaboration with AXA. In order to fulfil the rapidly evolving needs of the new market, we are currently assisting with an even faster rollout of API-based services on AXA’s digital platform.

IBM Consulting and Our Transformation

The four pillars of IBM Consulting’s business are as follows: 2. Experience Consulting, where Garage and Design thinking approaches are applied to redefine new experiences for clients and their customers; 3. Operations Consulting, where it looks at how to optimise current business activity with automation and new technologies like AI and IoT; and finally 4. Technology Consulting, where IBM helps clients to implement or manage technology.

The Virtual Enterprise, IBM’s framework that aids clients in their quest of digital transformation, is at the core of everything the company does, despite its wide-ranging mandate. The depth of IBM’s transformation experiences and comprehension of important industry prospects demonstrate that a Virtual Enterprise approach can be realised with an end-to-end vision for achieving business success. Transformation is not simply about overcoming technological obstacles.

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