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Fountain Life Bags A Funding Of $15M Recently

Fountain Life, a preventative health and longevity company, bags a hefty amount of $15m in a recent funding round led by investment firms such as Eos Venture Partners and Newcross Healthcare.

The firm aims towards the commitment of transforming the current healthcare model and moving the emphasis from reactive to preventive care by using cutting-edge technology to detect asymptomatic, the ones whose symptoms can’t be detected at early phase diseases before running out of time.

World’s leading, trusted and most innovative physicians and scientists are assigned in this project of healthcare that is predictive, preventive, personalised, and data-driven with the help of AI to detect cancer, cardiac, metabolic, and neurodegenerative disease at the earliest stages.

Fountain Life CEO and co-founder Bill Kappon this funding said, “Detecting asymptomatic disease is challenging because the human body is amazing at masking symptoms, but diagnostic technologies have come a long way. The ability to screen for structural abnormalities and other key indicators of developing disease exists today, but we must change the healthcare delivery model to truly realize the benefits of early disease detection.”

Fountain Life gives members the information and tools to make lifestyle modifications that can help them live longer, happier lives and healthier lives.

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