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Climate Risk

HDI Global Launches Climate Risk Reporting Service

HDI Global, under its subsidiary HDI Risk Consulting GmbH, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative named “Climate Risk Reporting,” aimed at aiding businesses in comprehensively analyzing and effectively managing climate-related risks specific to their locations.

Aligned with the EU Taxonomy guidelines, this innovative service equips companies to navigate emerging legal mandates and regulatory landscapes pertaining to climate risk management.

Specifically tailored for entities falling under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) as of 2024, HDI Global’s service is a strategic tool for aligning with the EU Taxonomy requirements.

The methodology behind this service involves a meticulous grid assessment encompassing approximately 30 potential physical climate risks, which then categorizes client sites into a nuanced six-level scale based on their susceptibility.

Crucially, HDI’s service furnishes businesses with detailed insights, including water depths, peak temperatures, and durations of heatwaves, enabling them to formulate and implement targeted risk mitigation strategies tailored to their specific locales. Moreover, this data serves as a pivotal resource for informed investment decisions and the identification of optimal business site selections.

In a significant collaboration with Mitiga Solutions, HDI has bolstered its database with scientifically validated information, incorporating projections rooted in reputable climate change models endorsed by the IPCC. This integration not only ensures compliance with regulatory mandates but also facilitates enhanced precision in investment due diligence and future site planning.

Dr. Dirk Höring, a prominent figure on the executive board of HDI Global SE overseeing property, engineering, marine insurance, and HDI Risk Consulting, provided insights into the rationale behind this innovative offering and elucidated the manifold benefits it presents for clients.

This introduction of the Climate Risk Reporting service marks another milestone for HDI Global, following a recent expansion phase wherein the company augmented its mid-market endeavors with the introduction of new services.

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