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Industry Leaders and Innovation Entrepreneurs Honored by CTA

CTA-Hall-of-FameThe Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced the new group of inductees to their list of Consumer Technology (CT) hall of fame, 2019. In the following program, the technology leaders who innovate, work towards advancing and enhancing the world, create and promotes in a way had been invited and honored.

President and CEO of CTA, Gary Shapiro expressed his happiness and thrill while celebrating the 20th Anniversary of CT hall of fame. He also praised the inductees for their success in the innovation world and inspiring others too in great ways.

The CEO of iRobot, co-founder and co-inventor of the Roomba vacuum cleaner, Colin Angle, made 25 million robots and also, developed a consumer technology product category. An editor, as well as an influential consumer technology reporter, James “Jim” Barry appeared as a Digital Answer Man for CTA.

Henry Chiarelli, a ubiquitous executive for e-commerce or retail businesses, which included RadioShack, several consumer technologies. Elizabeth “Jake” Feinler, the online information system organizer for ARPANET, developed the online directories.

Shuji Nakamura discovered the blue LED allowing the “white” LED light bulbs to be power-efficient along with the blue laser, which is the base for the Blu-ray Disc format. Owen D. Young founded RCA, the first radio company of U.S. that commercialized radio and created a consumer technology business.

Meanwhile, CTA honors Entrepreneurs as Heal: a company of the year; Aurora: start-up of the year. Also, the selection process was based on two separate panels categorizing its criteria wise. Honored ones will be introduced at an Award dinner NY, November 6 SIR stage 37. Moreover, Bios would be updated in i3 magazine and online at

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