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millers retirement

Industry veteran retires from the Millers Mutual

Millers Mutual Insurance has declared that Scott A. Orndorff, vice chairman and chief consultant to the CEO, has retired. Orndorff spent seven years as president and CEO of Millers Mutual.

Orndorff has spent 42 years in the business. He declared his objective to retire in 2019. Since January 01, he has assisted as vice chairman and chief advisor to Jonah Mull, current president and CEO, to assure smooth growth.

Millers Mutual said that Orndorff’s administration skills and expertise in strategic planning “were instrumental in revolutionizing” the company and “setting it up for a very profitable future.”

“Scott’s commitment to servant leadership, as well as his maintenance and attention, always made others feel respected and esteemed,” Mull said. “I look forward to building on the institute he laid as we continue to challenge ourselves and move this great company into the future.”

During his four-decade jobs, Orndorff held various senior-level positions, including as a senior administrator with Westfield Insurance, where he gave strategic and active leadership for a speciality division concentrated on workers’ reimbursement, agribusiness and transportation. Before that, he accompanied the executive vice president and chief operating officer at Old Guard Insurance. He furthermore worked for an insurance agency in Central Pennsylvania.

“The whole staff and board with Scott and his family good health and happiness in his retirement,” Millers Mutual said.

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