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Renaissance reveals vendor’s cyber violation

Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America has declared openly that one of its third-party vendors, Secure Administrative Solutions (SAS), has encountered a data breach that may affect the privacy of some Renaissance customers’ health information.

“We take this event very seriously and are perpetrated to protect the privacy and safety of information shared with third parties who give services to our policyholders,” said Robert Mulligan, president and CEO of Renaissance.

Renaissance said that it recently obtained notice of the breach from SAS. On June 1, SAS noted that the data breach resulted in the exfiltration of some safe health information related to its customers. Upon understanding the breach, Renaissance worked with SAS to deduce the scope of the data at problem and whether it was related to Renaissance policyholders. The circumstances Renaissance obtained from SAS implied that information about some Renaissance policyholders was existing on impacted SAS systems.

SAS said the interval of unauthorized access happened between March 15 and April 15, and that it had instructed the FBI of the breach.

“Renaissance understands that the exfiltrated data has been demolished by the unauthorized actor, by that the individuality of the unauthorized actor is unknown,” Renaissance said.

SAS said that the impacted data may have comprised names, addresses, dates of birth, health insurance policy numbers, and other health insurance information. Yet, the event did not impact any Renaissance policyholders’ Social Security numbers or financial information.

Renaissance said that SAS has developed the services of cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident and mitigate any probable harm. The vendor is also enforcing additional cybersecurity measures.

Renaissance is giving affected policy complimentary to 12 months of corresponding credit monitoring and personality restoration services through TransUnion.

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