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Insurance Museum Proposes ‘Fuelled By Coffee’ Gallery

The Insurance Museum’s ‘Fuelled by Coffee’ online gallery – which glows a spotlight on the role of English coffee houses, comprising the prominent Lloyd’s Coffee House, in the history of fire insurance – is now live.

Launched today, January 11, the museum is the second in a series from the museum’s ‘Fire! Risk and Revelations’ exhibition. The first one, ‘Rising from the Ashes’, was about the birth of fire insurance in 1667.

“Fire insurance has an intriguing history, and I’m delighted we’ve been able to bring this story to life through extensive research and strong confederations with experts in their field,” said Insurance Museum chair Reg Brown.

“I hope the online galleries elicited by the Insurance Museum will serve as an inspiring platform and open the world of insurance to many new audiences.”

A charitable incorporated organization, the Insurance Museum plans to ultimately produce an endless museum in EC3 in London. For now, the ‘Fuelled by Coffee’ gallery can be accessed digitally.

“A special thanks for all the donations we’ve received for the second gallery, in special to the Education and Training Trust of the Chartered Insurance Institute,” said the Insurance Museum.

“Also a big ‘thank you’ to all the contributors and collectors, historians and experts in their field that have helped with the content for the gallery, including Anna Stone and the team at the Aviva Group Archive, Ron Long, Bright Wright, Brian Henham, Brian Sharpe, Pete Zymanczyk, and Robin Pearson.”

Part of the vision is to be able to tell the story of insurance to more people, including younger generations. 

Insurance Museum director Howard Benge stated: “Using original objects and documents, [the story is] told in an exciting and lively way, looking at the people involved as well as the companies.

“For the Insurance Museum, it means we can reach more audiences, and provide a foundation to engage with schools and colleges, introducing children and young people to insurance, its history, how it works in society today, and the future challenges.”

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