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Kidbrooke Partners With HAYAH Insurance For Financial Simulation

On the agreement of a time period for three consecutive years, Kidbrooke signed a partnership with HAYAH Insurance recently.

Things To Know About Kidbrooke –

Kidbrooke is a software based company founded in 2011 and headquartered in Stockholm. It is a modular software program for banks, insurers and fintech related firms which supports their growth towards next generation. This provides automated decision making capabilities including powerful tools for model validation comprising AI and ML within.

What Does This New Service Promises To You-

The new service according to Kidbrooke, will let customer  set-up their investments using collective investment vehicles like portfolios of mutual funds and ETFs, which will help them to meet one or more investment goals in terms of  risk/return, future cash flows and a time horizon.

Things To Know About HAYAH Insurance –

HAYAH Insurance , formerly AXA Green’s crescent is UAE’s newest insurance company in fields of medical and life insurance. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, HAYAH is locally embedded with strong technical expertise and leaders of digital innovation who aims to bring solutions more closer to their customers. Founded in 2008, HAYAH provides life insurance solutions to the UAE market.

Why Kidbrooke Partnered With HAYAH?

As per the analysis of Kidbrooke, HAYAH is known as  UAE’s “up-and-coming” insurance company which is specialized in life, medical and savings, providing innovative, easy and safe digital types of services.

Being a new client to Kidbrooke, HAYAH will be provided with Outrank, Kidbrooke’s financial simulation engine driving the ALM functionality for self-service goals-based investment journeys.

It is a three-year based contract for HAYAH for delivering OutRank and to led API driving the insurer’s brand-new self-service investment journeys for customers based in the UAE.

What Are The Vision Of These Leading Firm’s Leaders –

Mohamed Seghir, CEO, HAYAH Insurance Company, says that, “We are delighted to partner with Kidbrooke as we strive towards becoming the world’s first AI-powered life insurer. Kidbrooke purchased  cutting-edge technology we need to stand out against the competition and become a true disrupter in our industry, by providing a fully digital insurance experience that is simple and secure.”
Fredrik Davéus, the founder and CEO at Kidbrooke, added “We are very excited on winning new business in the Middle East region and using OutRank® to revolutionize insurance and wealth management sectors, dramatically improving societies’ financial well-being. We look forward to developing personalised digital wealth journeys powered by OutRank and focus on providing added value across the board.”

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