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Pet Insurance

Insurtech Bought by many enters the US market

UK’s fast-growing insurtech Bought by many has finally entered the US market. They have launched their pet insurance coverage in the US market. This insurance coverage will be presented under the name ManyPets.

Earlier this month ManyPets was launched in Illinois and now it is available nationwide. They have launched the services which include unlimited coverage for fees of veteran and dental. It also includes an optional wellness plan. The US customers will get benefits such as 24-7 access to video consultations with the vets.

This company launched in the US after it doubled its gross written premium by more than $200 million. According to ManyPets, the US market has grown by more than 25% annually but still, 98% of US pet owners have not bought insurance for their pets.     

ManyPets was created in Europe and they realized the demand for quality pet insurances. Due to their focus on customer service and unique insurance products, they have won many honors from pet parents across the globe like leading NPS Scores and Consumer Awards.

“We have seen how successful our method can be even in the high markets like Sweden,” said Steve Mendel co-founder and CEO of Bought by Many. “We now want to bring our moral character and understanding of pet parenthood in the US insurance market. We see a huge chance for ManyPets to introduce innovative insurance to pet parents which will be better than they thought.”

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