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Cyber Attack

Top insurance provider CNA Financial affected by cyberattack

CNA Financial, one of the US’s top cybersecurity insurance providers, is struggling with a cyberattack against their system. They have come forward with the news that their firm’s operation has been affected and their website has been shut down due to the cyberattack.

CNA’s website has not been working for a couple of days and is now displaying a message stating that “Due to the attack we are experiencing network disruption and it has affected some of our systems. We are working towards these issues to reduce the disruption to you.”

The company stated that they determined the cyberattack on 21st March 2021. They also added that they are working with third-party forensic experts to investigate and determine the scope of this incident. Law enforcement has been alerted and now are conducting their own investigation.

For excessive caution, they have disconnected their systems from their functioning network. They have already informed their employees and have provided a system where they can continue to operate and serve the needs of their policyholders. They will notify the policyholders or insureds if this attack affected their data. Sam Curry, the chief security officer at Cybereason, believes there is a silver lining to this incident. He said, “If the news from CNA Financial is correct, they would have taken charge right away to recover their system, which is good news. The provided details are limited and if the valuable data is exposed to the hackers. Only time can tell if the exposed data will end up for sale in the underground criminal markets.”

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