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Insurtech Zego Lunches trans and non-binary workplace policy

Many of us find work stressful, now if you have to carry the extra emotional weight of sub-pressing who you are, your gender identity, some very fundamental aspects of you, which makes working more difficult. Now Zego is newly added to the list of the company which supports non-binary and Trans people in it’s working environment.

With the celebration of Pride Month, Zego the motor insurance provider has launched new workplace policies which will take care of Trans and Non-binary employees,  and also support them emotionally at the workplace. The outlining of the new policy is to create an inclusive environment in the company for people who identify as transgender or non-binary, with this policy the company interprets its position and dedication to supporting every individual equally, regardless of their sexuality or gender.

Zego set out a code of insertion and belonging of trans and non-binary employees, according to Zego, it has followed Stone-wall’s approach of approving trans as an Umbrella term to narrate people who do not sit comfortably with the sex they were designated at birth.

This policy also includes paid leave for employees who have gone through pregnancy loss, providing unisex facilities to the employees, freedom to express oneself through a non-dress code, unlimited therapy sessions for a minimum of 6 months, also paid leave to support any member pursuing medical transition.

The Chief People Officer of Zego, Kingsley Macy explained the new policy and shown the dedication of the company to support everyone including Trans and non-binary people to work in a supportive and friendly environment. Which will encourage Trans and Non-binary persons to work freely without any additional emotional weight.

With this new policy Zego is trying to create a friendly and supportive environment for every individual equally so that everyone can work in an open, diverse, and supportive work environment. This policy will help the company to create a little more happiness in the working environment.

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