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Jack Ma and Elon Musk discuss AI at World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Shanghai

elon-musk-jack-ma-debateAfter much discussion, Elon Musk and Jack Ma accompanying several opinions over AI both agreed on increased population, the biggest challenge in the next 20 years. Shanghai Expo Centre China hosted the World Artificial Intelligence 2019 Conference, where Elon Musk and Jack Ma started with further discussions and a 45-minute debate. The debate comprised of risks and results based on their ability and work regarding artificial intelligence.

Their discussions included things such as Mars, Chimpanzees, and work cultures besides the main topic. The trio, Elon Musk the Entrepreneur, Tesla CEO along with Jack Ma shared the stage for the discussions regarding advantages and risks factors of AI.

Starting with some catchy line Musk began by saying, “Does AI mean love? There’s like a name, AI, it sort of sounds a bit like love?” To this, Ma said, “Yeah AI…I hate the word AI called artificial intelligence. I call it Alibaba intelligence,” in an amused tone. Both the leaders had some diplomatic views regarding AI while Jack was too positive about AI and its advantageous factors.

According to what Elon Musk said about AI, “It’ll be much smarter than the smartest human.” He further stated that “the biggest mistake that I see artificial intelligence researchers making is assuming that they’re intelligent. Yeah, they’re not, compared to AI. And so like, a lot of them cannot imagine something smarter than themselves, but AI will be vastly smarter—vastly.”

While the talk went on, Jack Ma praised Elon for him not being a tech person but a guy all about life thinking AI will open a whole new broader view to the people in a smarter way.

For him, 99.99 percent presumes made by humans are wrong theories which are only based upon mere imaginations. In a broader approach, the world created by AI would be something out of the box, making work easier. And hence, it would surely make us live longer than earlier and can lead a stress-free happy to go live.

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