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WEFOX- A Berlin based insurance company founded in 2015 by Julian Teike, It is a category defining insurtech platform connecting insurance firms, distributors and customers to world a simple access to digital insurance solutions. It is a parent company of Wefox Insurance, in-house regulated insurance carrier . Wefox redefines insurance and makes it 10 times safer for the customers .

The firm currently entered into Italian market and joined with AC Milan to advertise it’s accuracy through sports and rounded over an estimated amount of US$600mn in it’s  fund.


MANYPETS – A pet insurance London based company found in 2017 hold specialities in Insurtech, Fintech, Insurance, Pets, Tech, Operations, MGA, Customer Support and has an estimation of US $2bn in it’s fund. It was voted as MoneyWise’s most trusted pet insurance provider of 2019 and received this hefty valuation in previous year.


LEMONADE – A digital insurance built on social impact. It was founded in 2015 and carries specialities in Insurance Technology, Behavioral Economics, User Experience, AI and social impact. The company was ranked No.1 Insurance based company by the platforms of- App Store, Google Play, Supremacy and ClearInsurance. Insurance designed with more facilities with AI is served by the firm to home owners and renters. On this platform, user is not only bound with a single kind of insurance. They get a stream of policies on different insurance like- Pet Insurance, Renters Insurance etc.


SHIFT TECHNOLOGY –  A State-of-art technology solutions that solves the obstacles faced by global insurance sector. But known for their accuracy with a system of potential fraud detection with the help of AI Native SaaS solutions.


CUVVA-  This London based company founded in 2015 is an hourly car insurance start up that served more than half a million of its clients and sold over 3.5 million of its policies. This UK based firm advertises a slogan for itself “radically better insurance “ and truly holds the same positive feedback from it’s users. It provides temporary cover for four wheelers that ranges from 1hour to 28 days and offer monthly based beneficial plans too.

Here, in spent of only 5 minutes, user can get a fully comprehensive policy that issues hassle free insurance redeemed within minutes.


FITSENSE – This Australian based company has a specialization in workplace based wellness programs, on-site health checks and fitness testing.

Established in 2004, it’s head office is located in Canberra and have dedicated and skilled employees working in following locations- Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth etc. 

The company has an estimated record of 293k downloads of it’s software , 120k active bookings and more than 5mn check ins. Thus, FitSense focuses on delivering budget friendly check-ins for it’s clients.


CJ-CUBE – This Dublin based company serves data management through insurance to it’s users. By enabling real time information shared throughout the system, the police cycle of the firm circulates smoothly. It has inbuilt authorization and authentication solutions.


RISKWOLF – A built in operating parameter covered at scale, here users can turn real time data into insurance with the help of unique real time data and dynamic risk modelling to avoid digital threats. The company was founded in 2019 and has it’s headquarters located in Zurich.


POLYGENIUS – Online insurance based marketplace helping users with the comparative quotes and shop for life, home , vehicle and disability related insurance. The firm comprise of culting edge tools with experienced real licensed agents to make you familiar with the policies. The company was set on in 2014 and contains policies for education, long term disability, Term Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Accidents and other such Insurance.


MARSHMALLOW – London based techie based company was found in 2015 when it’s co founders dropped the journey of car insurance theme. It provides fairer cover to the customer and is aiming to launch more of it’s products and services in coming two years and raised around US$100mn.

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