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Top 10 Scaling Insurtech Startups to Watch in 2022


BRIGHT HEALTH – Digital based health insurance company serving dynamic digital care navigation to improve Market healthcare. Having its headquarters in Bloomington, the company was founded in 2015 and led by industry veterans who are experienced by the challenges faced by US healthcare. The company urges to leverage technology and combine financing and delivering care to rectify healthcare’s most critical relationship between consumer and physician.


LEMONADE – A digital insurance built on social impact. It was founded in 2015 and carries specialties in Insurance Technology, Behavioral Economics, User Experience, AI and social impact. The company was ranked No.1 Insurance based company by the platforms of- App Store, Google Play, Supremacy and ClearInsurance. Insurance designed with more facilities with AI is served by the firm to home owners and renters. On this platform, user is not only bound with a single kind of insurance. They get a stream of policies on different insurance like- Pet Insurance, Renters Insurance etc.


HIPPO- Assaf Wand and Eyal Navon are the co founders of this firm. It has a proactive approach to home insurers comprising of modern techniques of coverage with smart home technologies by offering access to Hippo homecare. Founded in 2015, this Palo-Alto based firm has an estimation of US$5bn.


NEXTINSURANCE – On referring to the change of need in business owners in coming decades NextInsurance was created to give your business a coverage that it requires. A simple and affordable self employed insurance company has a fund of US$4bn.


CIRCULO HEALTH – This company aims to build future of health with innovative solutions that prioritise people first. An Ohio based company founded in 2020 approaches towards primary healthcare, insurance plans and independent living facilities and holds a valuation of US$1.5bn.


METROMILE – An auto insurance company with it’s headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Boston, San Francisco and Tempe. METROMILE is currently a work from home based company in more that 24 states. The foundation of the company was led in 2011 and holds specialties in Car insurance, data science, Automotive Telematics, Financial Technology and Insurance Technology.


CLOVER HEALTH – The Nashville base company was founded in 2014 and holds employees like software engineers,  data scientists, designers who aim for great care and medical outcomes to it’s consumers. It’s a comprehensive home based care and holds valuation of US$1.3bn.


CLEAR COVER – A Chicago based company initiates it’s first API approach that helps in saving money while redeeming fastest claims and other services. This company was founded in 2016 and has a fund raised of US$1bn.


POLYGENIUS – Online insurance based marketplace helping users with the comparative quotes and shop for life, home , vehicle and disability related insurance. The firm comprise of culting edge tools with experienced real licensed agents to make you familiar with the policies. The company was set on in 2014 and contains policies for education, long term disability, Term Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Accidents and other such Insurance.


KIN INSURANCE – This is a home based insurance company built according to modern techniques by challenging thousands of data points Kin customizes coverage and rates through easy use. This firm was founded in 2016 and holds specialties in Insurance, Hometown Insurance, Condo Insurance, Insurtech.

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