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Lockton renew partnership with insurtech innovator Injala

Injala has signed an agreement with Lockton to provide wrap-up administration technology extends ongoing partnership an additional five year. 

Lockton, a leader in the insurance sector, has announced that it has renewed its wrap-up technology partnership with Irving-based Insurtech startup Injala.

For the past three years, Lockton has used WrapPortal, Injala’s automated wrap-up administration platform, to streamline and improve its wrap-up practise and provide some of the most advanced capabilities to Lockton’s clients.

The two companies will work together for at least the next five years, building on their joint success in providing the most advanced wrap-up administration technology to the world’s largest construction project sponsors and general contractors.

“Lockton was founded on the principle of providing excellent customer service. This is yet another example of us collaborating with the best in the industry to provide our clients with unrivalled value. WrapPortal’s automated processes have boosted our efficiency, and the technology has benefited our clients “Lockton Companies’ Executive Vice President, Paul Primavera, stated.

Changing the insurance industry 

Lockton has been named a “Best Place to Work in Insurance” for the past 13 years by Business Insurance magazine. Deloitte and the Wall Street Journal honoured Lockton as one of the 2021 Best Managed Firms, a programme that recognises and awards private companies for their strategy, execution, culture, and financials.

“The Lockton/WrapPortal agreement renewal is both thrilling for the Injala team, who have worked tirelessly to ensure its success, and proof that our technologies are accomplishing our aim to automate and revolutionise the insurance sector,” said Hyder Naqvi, CEO of Injala. “WrapPortal is the foundation of a suite of automated tools that take a comprehensive approach to managing a company’s risk.”

Injala is a disruptor in the insurance business, offering network-based technological solutions that are transforming risk management by automating insurance administration and uniting many parties under a single insurance network. For wrap-ups, certificate tracking, claims, policy management, safety and loss, contractor prequalification, and payroll, Injala’s RMIS360 suite of solutions uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and object identification to provide time and cost-saving solutions.

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