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London Summit brings Six Conference Tracks with 150 Speaker in London

The London Summit invites AI experts, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketers, finance and insurance professionals, technology experts and especially women at London on 17-18 September 2020 to be a part of the vibrant ideas provoking event.

The event will have 700+ attendees and 150+ inspiring speakers to implant the growth expertise, the interaction here will exchange stimulating ideas and the networking will benefit the complete business environment. Women in Fintech Summit will bring innovative women from industry, research and financial sectors to discuss their challenges and success. 

Next in the Deep Learning Summit, the real-world case studies will be discussed to analyze the value, application, and challenge in AI to revise the technology advancements. Further, AI in Finance Summit will discover valuable and reliable machine learning tools and techniques in the Finance sector.

Then, the AI in Retail Summit is going to put forward the latest AI advancements to leverage methods for modifying customer service and the retail experience. Moving next to AI in Marketing Summit will advocate the use of AI in the improvement of advertising and marketing.

Lastly, AI in Insurance Summit is going to discuss the application of AI in insurance by the world’s leading innovators across industry, academia, and startups. Also, the event will have workshops and technical labs, in-depth interviews and the Event app that will help in personalizing the schedule and connecting with fellow attendees. All these will be happening on 17-18 September 2020 in London, England.  

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