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Safe Meetings and Events: How COVID-19 Could Change the Industry’s Future

We all know the whole world is going through its worst phase of COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is being locked down at home and following the trend of work from home. But what’s at the end for event planners. Where would they work from? Indeed, this is a need of an hour for planners and venues to adjust in such conditions and plan to host events and meetings in a post-COVID-19.

It would not be an easy effort in order to restart for the industry and begin hosting in-person events and venues again. They just need to do combined efforts in order to organize the safety meetings and events. They should keep into their mind all of the health and safety protocols, social distancing precautions along with safe food and buffets.

Comeback: where to start with safe meetings

Taking a right and appropriate venue would play a significant role in the recovery of this industry. It should be like where social distancing could be implemented easily with all the precautions to be safe during COVID 19.

Venues must be equipped with the facility of thermal scanning as it is very crucial at that time for attendees and planners as well Thermal scanning would inform us, whether a person is infected or not. Venues with thermal scanning would be proved as the best way to uplift the industry.

Sanitization is a Must for Attendee Health Safety

Certain rules and guidelines should be there for the attendees willing to attend the venues. One of them is proper sanitation while entering the venue. Just figure out a plan for dealing with those who might be infected and might infect others while attending the event. A Proper desk for sanitation should be there to sanitise the attendees and planners properly while entering the venue.

There are also some other precautions need to be considered in events: 

  • Social distancing should be maintained and tools for protection should be there
  • Temperature inspections and other testings with isolating, and contact tracing
  • Sanitation and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas
  • Policies and procedures for manpower 

There should be a strong reason behind the in-person events to happen as there would be a huge crowd in such events. They should choose alternatives like virtual events through video conferencing and all until and unless they get a vaccine or other cure. Never ever take such kind of risks.

They should conduct small, domestic and local level meetings and events where the crowd is not so huge. It would be the best alternative to rebuild the industry and make a grand come back.  Internal meetings, small workshops, and seminars held locally with attendees should be organized where the chances of spread of the virus are not so high.

How social distancing might impact future in-person meetings

This is a very highlighted topic under discussion across the industry, but social distancing would definitely affect future meetings in many ways.

The main challenge is to deal with sitting arrangements while following social distancing in rooms. The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) recently posted a conference about how to organize social distancing at future events and how to tackle this challenge when it comes to sitting configuration.

Kelsey Schmidt, the senior-most manager of event planning at Law A School Admission Council, said that her team is planning to arrange tables six feet apart and make 12-foot aisles. They would put tape marks on the carpet to instruct how far apart people should stand in a line from each other.

For controlling the crowd of registration lines, planners could follow models of grocery stores, with taped lines on the floor to bound six-foot distances between people standing in a line. They would be proper aisles between two people.

How to maintain social distancing while serving food and beverages

When it comes to food and beverages at events, self-service buffets won’t be a safe option during COVID-19.  Seated dining could be the best alternative option. We just need to hire some trained manpower to handle sanitation and food & beverages.

These additional measures and layers of safety could tack on more costs to F&B. So planners should choose the best alternative to offer cost-effective and reasonable solutions for food and beverage at events. Another option could be pre-packed meals that attendees pick up from fridges or cartons at different locations, or have the boxed meals already placed at their seats at the venue.

Final words 

It would be a piece of useful information for conducting and organising safe future meetings and events. Never forget, these hotels and venues play a significant role in the recovery of this industry. Planners should stay ready with safety measures and precautions so they could deliver safe arrangements and experiences to the attending parties and associated man

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