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Innovate yourself through in-person and virtual Data Innovation Summit 2020

Focused on the theme – innovate yourself through your data, the Data Innovation Summit 2020 will present a unique platform showcasing practical case studies on Applied Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Visualization, Data Management, Data engineering, Machine Learning, IOT insight, and technology.

The event will take place on 20th and 21st August 2020 with both in-person and online versions inviting some of the biggest and most influential data and advanced analytics experts from the Nordic regions. The event will witness the presence of about 120 Nordics and international speakers on six workshops in various stages and numerous activities in the exhibition Centre.

The event has been primarily set up for all professionals and organizations dealing with innovative data to increase their profits, reinvent business blueprints, innovate data-driven products with the objective of increasing customer satisfaction.

Unlike, every year, this year’s event will emphasis on Applied Analytics and visualization, data engineering, along with machine learning and deep learning aspects. The event will host 6 stages – Applied Analytics Data Science and AI, Analytics and visualization, Data engineering, Data Management, Industry 4.0 and IoT, and Machine and Deep Learning.

Each of the stages will consist of sessions that are conducted for most innovative companies in the world to present their business output of data science analytics and AI.

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