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World LegalTech Summit & Expo, Dubai

World LegalTech Summit & Expo 2020 to Showcase Future of Legal Technology in Dubai

With the attendance of many leading personalities from the legal world, LegalTech Summit & Expo, 2020 will be held on 7-8th December in Dubai, UAE focusing on the innovations in legal services. Over 150 law firms and technology partners will bring a global representation of the legal innovation sector.

In the assembly of the great minds, the decision-makers from the law industry will get a direction to assess their transformation needs and to make the right decision in deploying an innovation strategy accordingly.

This collaboration of 1500+ expert delegates from in-house, private practice, technology and government bodies from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and North America and the presence of 100+ experts and innovators will showcase innovation, used cases and leading global solutions. Besides, the possible challenges in legal technologies and their resolution will be discussed.

Furthermore, participants in the summit will find relevant Al technologies to their advantage and will explore the challenges of the blockchain in a legal context. This all will benefit the legal firms in enhancing their efficiency and in defeating the challenges, to stay at the forefront in the competition among the legal businesses.

With a joint contribution of participants from 65+ countries, the summit will undoubtedly support learning, exploring, networking and developing technological innovations in the legal sector. Not to mention, networking is favorable for the interchanging of ideas and expansion of the business.

The event will take place in Dubai, UAE.

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