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TECHNOVA AI in Financial Services to Address Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services Sector

Technnova AI in Financial Services event will invite UK financial sector’s technology pioneers on 17th March 2020 at America Square Conference Centre, London. This once day event will address the current and future impact of artificial intelligence on the financial services sector with lively discussions, insightful presentations, and exciting networking opportunities.

Inviting technology pioneers of financial industry, the event will showcase new innovations transforming customer experience through virtual assistants, AI developments, real time data analytics and more. The event agenda will have special emphasis on the cognitive sciences, quantum computing, automation for financial operations, intelligent virtual assistants, and advanced analytics using real-time data.

The conference agenda attempts to stay ahead in the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence offering a whole new world of opportunity to cater changing customer expectations by focusing on hot topics like artificial with human intelligence, AI and data, AI and decision making, AI and customer experience, Regulation, and cybersecurity.

The event will host companies like Appen, Capita, EY, IBM, PWC along with esteemed speaker line-up from leading companies such as RSAA, Zurich Insurance, Lloyds Banking, Barclays, Axa, Banco, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank presenting insights & case studies on AI Innovations in their work.

The conference will host range of media partners, supporting partners as exhibitors such as Fintech Finance, Bandwidth, IOT Council, Payments addressing exact challenges of the financial world from customer experience, personalised services, to organizational development and real time data management.

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